Friday, September 9, 2011

Observation--Poem by Mitzi Linn


Sunlight glitters through spider webs,
glistens in buzzing wings of small insects
glimmers in movement of leaves, and
bird wings rising.

A breeze quakes the golden aspen tree.
The suchness of an autumn evening.

Shadows of winter cross in my mind.

The dark, the damp, the cold.....

Meanwhile a shimmering light
occupies my eyes.

Ashland, 1990

August Morning Moon--Poem by Mitzi Linn

August Morning Moon

fall morning feeling
august yet
yesterday these words were
blackberries jewel ripe
gems falling from green branch fingers
jewels for the mouth’s eyes
jewels for making pies

and this morning
a wood fire burning through see-breath air
tomatoes ripening
solid green color turning red through minute changes
I never cease to wonder at all this,
lost in the hum of busy insects.

gathering, gathering
gathering and then dispersing
energy and power
seed, flower, fruit, seed...
dying again and again
in order to feel reborn
in order to be free

friend of sun and moon
my life is just this trip through space
rider on the earth planet
gone away from sorrow

these songs of moving feeling moving
on wings too light to hold me forever.

Published “ Womanspirit”
Fall 1975